10 Best Hair Hacks (Infographic)!

If your hair tends to get greasy quickly, then you know the struggle of constantly having to wash your hair or load it up with dry shampoo to keep it sleek and healthy-looking. Well, that can all change, thanks to the “half-wash”!

The half-wash is ideal for third-day hair. On day one, wash your hair and style as usual (with your favorite flat iron, of course) and on day two, use dry shampoo to keep your locks looking fresh and clean. On day three, pull the bottom section of your hair back with an elastic and wash only the front section of your hair in the sink. You can also choose to wash any section that you feel gets greasier than the rest of your hair–the point of half-washing is to create the illusion that all of your hair is squeaky clean.

By half-washing your hair, you avoid getting your entire head wet and having to struggle through brushing, drying, and styling all of your hair. Half-washing should only take about 5 minutes, and drying time should be cut down to 5-10 minutes, making this a total timesaver! I recommend half-washing your hair once or twice a week for the best results.

This method particularly comes in handy when you’re running late or need to get to an appointment quickly. When dry shampoo just doesn’t cut it, this is the perfect solution. Half-washing your hair is a great alternative to washing all of your hair when it comes to the illusion of having perfectly clean hair, and it takes less than half the time!

Here are 10 more hair hacks:

Infographic credit to: beautypros.org

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