10 Mindfulness Hacks that Will Increase Your Quality of Life!

In a world that’s gone absolutely frantic, with no end goal or focused thought, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we’re all become lethargic, restless and unhappy. However, instead of calling it quits a bit too soon, take control of your own destiny and let mindfulness be your healthy compass; there is no better time than the present to save yourself from everything that’s been making you gloomy for a long time.

What constitutes mindfulness, anyway?

Mindfulness comes down to turning negative into positive with no judgment or prejudice towards someone else’s or your own behavior. Instead of indulging that deadly habit of negatively picking everything apart (we all tend to enjoy a little gloom, hence the use of the term “indulge”), become aware of everything that you hear, see, feel and observe, and assign it a positive connotation.

Essentially, “if you must ruminate inside that head of yours, at least do your body the favor of replacing the negative thoughts with honest, non-objective observance of all things around you in the present moment”.

The moment you learn to invite light into your life and let both your mind and body become hosts of that light, you’ll learn how to become a happier person. That’s the beginning of your bliss, right there.

Mindfulness as an operating system

Rather than using mindfulness as a feature in life or a side-kick to your daily routines, utilize it as an operating system. Program your body to become comfortable with positivity and affirming thoughts, and your life will change. We are the energy we invite into our lives, after all. Do you really want to spend your life in utter gloom, torturing yourself with negativity? Of course you don’t.

Ok, where do I start?

While everyone’s different and should build their own set of mindfulness hacks, there are a few initial postulates that are healthy to implement. After you process, understand and adopt them, you’ll find your own variations that align with your character.

Ditch the vampires

We’ve all got people around who are energetically and emotionally draining; their energy levels simply don’t align with ours, which is making the relationship difficult and hard. Say goodbye to people who aren’t making you happy. They can be anyone from your immediate family members to your (supposed) BFFs.

Re-program your core belief system

Chance has it that most of us weren’t brought up with a healthy core and belief system, encouraging progress, happiness and positivity. Rather, the climate was often narrowed down to “take what you’ve got”, letting negativity rule our mindset.

The way to live happily is to let your mind get accustomed to a different belief system; you can easily re-program yourself to start believing in positivity, by writing down affirmations that list all the good things in your life and all the potential goals for the future. BELIEVE in the happiness you see, don’t just SAY IT.

If you feel you aren’t mentally strong enough to pull it off, the best way to re-program yourself is through therapy. In fact, if you were to consult with psychologists in Sydney you’d probably get a green light to do just that! Recent years have brought an increase in various techniques that, even though they may sound pathetic to some, are actually a key to a happy life.

Enjoy routines

All of your routines, like that fresh cup of coffee in the morning, your jog, a 10-minute stare into the wall, your favorite TV show or walk in the park, etc. are your body’s ways to decompress. Enjoy every single one of your routines, unapologetically. Be good to yourself and your body and mind will return the favor.

Take out the ear buds

We’ve all become detached from the things and people surrounding us, thinking that excluding ourselves from everything will bring us inner peace. However, standing alone will bring loneliness, not inner peace. The idea is to turn your mind into a temple freed from negative triggers; once you do so, there’ll be no weather conditions, people, circumstances, etc. that can shake your healthy emotional core.

Resist the temptation to use ear buds when you’re out or at the office; take them out and try to build a strong mental and emotional harmony within that will keep you from hearing anyone talk, shout or else – you only hear yourself or enjoy the peace and quiet of your mind.

Clear your mind (and the dishes) with chores

Instead of getting pissed for having to deal with mountains of dirty dishes after a long day at work, turn those onerous chores into mindfulness exercises. Enjoy the water on your hands as you go about cleaning the dishes, enjoy the shapes of the bowls, plates and utensils as you clean them. Think of how beautiful your home will look once you are done. Turn the negative into positive and you’ll see everything blossom.

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