11 Interesting Things & Facts about Orthodontics (Infographic)!

We all want a perfect and beautiful smile and for that many of us visit an orthodontist. Some people need an orthodontist for teeth straightening, some for treatment of improper alignments, tooth decay, some for regular oral checkups and the list goes on. Well whatever is the purpose to visit an orthodontist it is good to have knowledge of dental health and some important things and facts related to orthodontics.

You can ask your orthodontist about tips for a better oral health. Keeping yourself informed will definitely help you in better oral health. The infographic below contains some very important information which many people usually don’t know.

From the name of the famous person who is known as the father of modern dentistry to name of world’s first dental school, right age of kids to take them for checkups to an orthodontist to interesting information revealed in a survey this infographic has much more for you. Not only for orthodontics patients but also worth a read by dentist and orthodontists so that they can share it with their network of students and patients. If you like the infographic please share it on social channels and help in spreading knowledge.


Infographic credit to: sydenortho.com

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