8 Reasons Why Skateboarding is a Great Way to get in Shape!

Among so many surprising ways to get toned and healthy, the one trend that has gained plenty of traction among the curious fitness ranks recently is the idea of skateboarding your way to a strong, lean body. While many still enjoy their good old gym routine and a light treadmill jog, others would appreciate a bit of diversity in their workouts.

For all those who are considering a return to their childhood and using this old but gold method to manage your weight and challenge your endurance, here are a few reasons to back you up and encourage your skateboarding endeavor!

1. The cardio of a lifetime

Unfortunately, losing weight or getting toned due to the sheer fun of the sport is not an option. But no matter how silly it may seem, longboarding presents quite a challenge to your cardiovascular system. It can burn up to 12 calories per minute just by pushing the board around, while more strenuous tricks and movements open a whole new realm of calorie-burning possibilities!

2. Talk about balance

Sure, a flat surface isn’t much of a challenge, but when you mix it up with a few ups and downs, twirls and jumps, you get a very complex set of exercises that ultimately help your body develop better balance. Even your effort to stay upright while cruising the streets can be difficult, not to mention avoiding obstacles, swerving or carving.

3. Work your muscles

Don’t be surprised if your body is sore the day after your skateboarding adventure, because its deceptive simplicity lets you get lost in endless attempts to master a trick or move better or faster, while your entire body works as a well-oiled machine. It works your every muscle, literally from head to toe, as you strengthen your feet and your ankles, while you balance with your arms to move smoothly and engage every muscle in between.

4. Tone up and lose fat

With a solid diet plan and a moderate workout routine, an added longboarding or skateboarding session can pack quite a punch for your muscles and pesky, persistent love handles. Due to its cardio impact and muscle engagement, your quads, glutes and hamstrings, in addition to your core and back will have to work extra hard if you pick an uphill battle for your next challenge.

5. Interdisciplinary perks

If you’re already a fan of outdoor workouts, riding your mini cruiser can help boost your skills in skiing, surfing and snowboarding among many others. It’s an incredibly fun way to stay in shape and practice for your next outdoor adventure, while you also enhance your coordination, which is vital for mountain climbing, or even basic activities such as driving.

6. Test your patience

Physical fitness is a major part of why people choose the activity in the first place, but in all fairness, few gym routines can be a struggle on your nerves, unless you have a serious feud with the leg press. Constant tripping, falling and slipping is bound to push your buttons, so you’ll develop your patience and remember how to have fun while still in the learning process.

7. Exercising with an extra purpose

If you have a habit of riding to work on your dumbbells, please patent your invention and forget everything that you’re about to read. Unless it’s monsoon season or you live in Antarctica, cruising to work can be an extra workout in your day and make your trips to the office shorter. Not to mention creating a cool reputation among your colleagues.

8. An overall health-boost

If all else fails, the board will surely bring a smile to your face and make you giggle like a child every time you wobble your way onto the street. And happiness is a known stress-reliever, as it keeps your body chock-full of happy hormones, endorphin, serotonin and dopamine included. Plus, your mind stays sharp with all that learning and practicing of new maneuvers.

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