Air Conditioning and Your Health (Infographic)!

Air conditioning (AC) feels great. If you’re stuck in a hot and stuffy room, there are few things better than turning on the AC for some relief. They are a necessity in many hot countries around the world and can even save lives but often they are not well maintained. It isn’t as simple as buying an AC, installing it, and forgetting about it forever more, as regular maintenance of your AC is essential.

it is important that the filters are regularly changed and cleaned as this affects the quality of the air you breathe. If filters are dirty they will not work as efficiently and will allow allergens and pesticides enter your home or office. You will find details in the instructor’s manual of your AC about how often the filters need to be changed.

The general rule of thumb is that you should have your AC inspected once a year and that you should buy a new AC every 10 years. It may be hard for you to stick to these guidelines but now at the very least you realise that ACs need to be checked periodically.


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