15 Exercises to Get the Best Butt Ever Infographic!

Yoga pants trend was started by Lululemon, a Canadian company who made plain black yoga pants and a simple white t-shirt which they claimed were infused with health giving mineral essences of seaweed. While they health claims were removed when FDA asked for proof of these claims but by then the trend had already picked up.

Naturally when everyone started wearing these tight yoga pants, it was clear that some girls looked better than the others from the posterior end and that started this craze of doing butt workouts which would make butts perfectly sculpted.

Jen Selter is a latest internet celebrity who amassed millions of followers by posting butt selfies in tight yoga pants and her signature pose #Seltering has made her stand out from the rest of the fitness trainers who often have better butts. Amanda Elise Lee is another example, she is a fitness trainer and has over 3 million followers.

This infographic where they researched the health benefits of workout which were astonishing and it does not only burn calories but helps reduce risk of injury, improves posture, and strengthens core.


Image credit: wearetop10.com

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