Fulfil Your Fitness Goals with Foam Rolling (Infographic)!

If your muscles often feel tense from exercising or from daily rigours at work, it is important to massage them so that you can relieve the tension, and a great way to do this is through foam rolling. This is a soft tissue therapy for your muscles whereby you repeatedly massage sore points on a cylindrical roller made of foam, and while it’s a tough workout at first, the results it can achieve are remarkable.

The intensity of foam rolling exercises you carry out is up to you, although it’s important to have a suitable roller for the specific exercises that you are doing. White rollers are soft and comfortable for gentle workouts, whereas black rollers are much firmer and should only be used if you’re experienced with foam rolling or if you require a highly pressurised workout.

If you think that foam rolling might be the ticket for you, great! Just remember to exercise carefully and not roll vulnerable areas such as your lower back, as this could do serious damage in the long run.


Infographic credit by Bracken Foam Fabricators.


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