How Fasting Boosts Weight Loss and Improves Brain Function

How to lose weight fast and how to become smart are the most asked questions these days. The major influence of the fast food market in the growing world has made it tough to remain in shape and size. The temptations of the food industry and ever-improving food products and their tastes have made these products irresistible.

However, there is a way to reduce your weight and become smarter and that is fasting.

Fasting not only helps reducing weight and decreasing fat but also improves brain functionality and overall performance.

Having a sharp brain with a healthy body is essential in this dynamic world where keeping track of everyday activities and performing daily tasks are must do things.

Fasting And Human Health

Fasting is a healthy activity, however many of us may not know about its various health benefits. Health benefits of fasting are:

  • Improved digestive system
  • Activation of Immunity system
  • Fighting against possible allergies
  • Calms down the joint pains
  • Reduces the consumption of drugs

Fasting and body health:

The biggest health advantage of fasting is well-defined meals routine. In fasting, you have to take meals on the defined times which disciplines your intake of food. This eventually makes the body functions smoothly.

The 12- 15 hours gap between the two proper and balanced meals makes the digestive system work extremely well. The stomach gets much time of break down food properly without stressing the stomach. As a result, you lose fat dramatically.

At this point, the body will properly digest whatever you take in, and it helps the body to avoid fats. The fats which are not required by the body will be washed out. This practice of balancing diets with fasting delivers tremendous results.

Fasting for Brain Health:

Neuronal autophagy is the process in the brain by which it repairs its cells and recycles them by its own.

The specialists observed that fasting for a day long activated brain’s neuronal autophagy system. As a result, they found out that fasting increases the overall efficiency of the brain system and the human body itself. A defect in neuronal autophagy may lead to neurodegeneration which may cause various disorders.

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a protein in the human body which is a member of the gene family of the body. The studies have found that the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic increase levels readiness during fasting. The BDNF deficiency leads to depression and age-related diseases. Fasting can help the brain to work efficiently.

Counter Effects of Fasting

Mostly we have observed that fasting leads to weight loss only. There can be opposite results also. Fasting is healthy activity and should be associated with other healthy practices only. The 6-8 hours in which you can eat are critical.

Fasting may produce counter effects as result of taking too much unhealthy food at the time of your allowed meals. Also, you may be eating too much during these timings and taking nicotine, and various drugs will cultivate major issues for your health. Nicotine consumption can make you seriously fat.

You must avoid taking pre-workout supplements during these hours. All of these will either result into weight gain or will make you ill within two weeks.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states it here

Proper Way of Fasting:

The appropriate way of losing weight with fasting is very simplified and easy to follow. If you desire or are compelled to fast for a day long like 12-15 hours, you need to start the meals routine a week before. Start taking proper meals in the time in which you will take them during fasting. Keep the food intake in the normal hours a bit less. In few days you will get used to the new routine.

Your early morning meal or the meal that you take to start your fast must be proper and healthy. It must contain balanced products like milk, eggs a little meat and grains. The most important aspect is to take a large amount of water at the start and the end of the fast. When you are ending your fast in the evening you should eat very light things in the start. Eventually, you can have a proper meal later.

Working out/Exercise during Fasting:

Fasting is itself a very accomplish system to lose weight and be in form. However exercising and working out is always highly recommended during following any diet plan and routine.

Working out and exercising before starting the fast is the best time. In this time you can use a suitable pre workout supplement. It must be chosen wisely because of the fasting routines and must not dehydrate your body.

The workout may include little jog and lifting weight for short sessions. There is no such need to pull off heavy weights and you must keep your sessions short.

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