How To Get A Smaller Waist And Bigger Hips!

A curvy body is a trend nowadays. A feminine shape and curves are the dream of every woman, who looks up to gorgeous celebrities like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian.

Even if your figure is skinny, it doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain alluring curves. All you have to do is to put some efforts on your way to a sexy body! Also, if your body fat is 35%, then you have curves, you should work to make them more defined. For this, make the belly thinner and the hips will be visually bigger.

So, if you are wondering how to achieve a small waist and big hips, there are some tips for you. It doesn’t matter whether you should gain weight or lose it to become curvy, a combination of a diet and physical exercises are your paramount need.

A Proper Diet

A modified diet, combined with physical activity, gives efficient results. Certain changes in your diet will help to reduce the waistline. There are some guidelines:

1. Cut down the daily calorie intake. Staggering calories does a trick. For instance, one day consume 1800 calories, another – 1600, then – 1400 and then go back to 1800. Also, eat smart food. Go for fruit, they are the source of vitamins, eggs, they are rich in protein (don’t overeat them, otherwise protein will be stored as fat), also cereals will make up a balanced breakfast.

2. Always stay hydrated. Water speeds up your metabolism. Drink a glass of water before each food intake, it’ll start the digestive system and prevent the overeating.

3. Always incorporate fiber into your diet. Fiber helps to maintain a healthy weight. Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and glucose levels. It is found in beans, apples, carrot, citrus fruit, oats and peas. And insoluble fiber promotes the movement of material through your digestive system. Such products as nuts, cauliflowers, potatoes, green beans are the sources of insoluble fiber.

4. Add dietary fat to your diet if you want to lose weight. Because it increases satiety and improves the vitamin intake. Perfectly, go for polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, DHA, and EPA), they are found in walnuts, salmon, tuna, spirulina. As for the trans fat, it causes the storage of fat, so avoid eating margarine, cookies.

But remember that before making adjustments, you should be aware of the percentage of fat in your body.

  • If body fat is 35 % or over, you should keep to a diet to lose fat.
  • If fat is 25 %, then it is optimal for curvy women. But still, you can make your diet healthier to gain weight in certain areas.
  • If body fat is under 18 %, then it’s high time to gain weight.

Physical Exercises

The workout should be implemented in your life along with the diet. To get a more definite shape, you should focus on certain body areas: the waist and hips. There are some exercises that will help you with it.

Side Plank Raise

Aimed at: Strengthening the obliques and internal core muscles.

How to do: Lift hips off the floor to create a straight line with the body. Then lower your hips and rise back up, do not touch the floor. Do three sets of 12 repetitions.


Aimed at: Activation of multiple muscles below the belt line. There are many types of squats, which work well for hips. Choose among a traditional squat, static squat, jump squat, sumo squat, and a ski squat.

How to do: Everything depends on the type of the squat. But to work on muscles efficiently, you should put your legs wider than shoulders, put hands on the hips. Keep the abs tight, the back should be straight, bend your knees and lower yourself down, and stick out your bottom. Your hips should be parallel to the floor, then rise back. Perform five sets of 15 repetitions.

Donkey Kicks

Aimed at: Strengthening your glutes and abdominals.

How to do: Stand on all fours, make sure that abdominal muscles are drawn in toward the spine. Lift one leg up behind you until it is in line with the body, another foot should be bent. Perform 12 times on each leg.

Twist Crunches

Aimed at: Abs, obliques.

How to do: Lie on the back, your knees should be bent and hands are behind the head. Exhale, lift up and rotate the upper body toward one side, then rotate back to the center. Then inhale and lay down on the floor. Alternate sides. Do 2 sets each 30 reps.


Aimed at: Inner thigh, legs, the backside.

How to do: Step forward with one leg, lower down until the knees are bent at a right angle. The front knee should be above the ankle and the bent knee shouldn’t touch the floor. The weight should be on your heels. Perform three sets of 15 reps on each leg.


Aimed at: Chest muscles.

How to do: Stand on the knees, then lean forward to prop on your hand’s palm down, shoulder width distance. Then lower yourself down to the floor and then push yourself back up.


Aimed at: Building muscles in the buttocks.

How to do: The idea is to take a barbell from the ground and lift it up to the thigh level. While performing, keep your back straight and do not bounce the bar to get it to the hip level. Grip the bar overhand with one hand and underhand with another hand.

Remember that regardless the type of your workout, always do cardio. It not only strengthens the heart muscle and increases the flow of oxygen to muscles, but it’s great for burning calories. Choose running, cycling, dancing, swimming and hit the gym twice a week to do cardio. Each session should last at least for 30 minutes.

Well-Fitting Attire

Once your dream about well-shaped hips and a thin waist has come true, you should emphasize your advantages through well-fitting clothes. A proper attire can make certain body parts even slimmer than they are or add volume if you need it.

Pants & Skirts

High waist denim or cotton pants are your perfect choice! They may hide fat and make a waistline visually smaller. In the meantime, avoid boyfriend cuts, straight fits, and cargos.

Pencil skirts create amazing waves and keep the waist small, but it’s better to get these things tailored.

Body-Shaping Undergarments

There is lingerie, which is designed to hide imperfections. Wear it if you want to have a slimmer silhouette, all your curves will be smooth and defined. Butt lifter shorts give you round curves and add volume.

Also, choose undergarments, which can show a reduction in your waistline.


A corset provides a seamless sexy silhouette and it is able to adjust the waistline.

If your goal is to change the waist size, then steel-boned corsets can reduce your waist size with prolonged wear because they redistribute fat. It is advised to choose the corset, which is about 4 inches smaller than your current waist size.

Waist-Cinching Belts

These belts create the illusion of an hourglass figure because they emphasize the breast and make hips look curvy. They are universal and may be combined with dresses, cardigans, coats and long shirts. Use your imagination and make up a sophisticated and unique look with the waist-cinching belt.

A-Line Dresses

The peculiarity of these dresses is that they are tight on the top, but loose at the bottom. So, they hide excessive volume on hips, make the waist thinner and emphasize the breast.


So, maintaining a curvy figure is challenging, but still, it’s achievable. Just make adjustments to your diet, have a varied workout and wear well-tailored clothes. But what is more important, always be proud of who you are, accept how you look and rock your body with confidence!

Written by Nancy Cooper

Des M, helps people to live a healthier life. She is an established Health and Fitness author (over 12 years of experience) and founder of She also loves writing about people and inspirational stories. Outside WomensFblog, her interests include traveling and cooking.


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