Pros and Cons: Laser/IPL Hair Removal (Infographic)!

One of the most frequently-availed services at laser clinics and is a popular service amongst people across the world is hair removal. The ever-rising need and demand for these services in the past years has prompted an equally-rapid growth not only in the number of clinics and places that offer these kinds of services but has also paved the way into developing more and more types of technology in order to achieve one goal: removal of these unwanted hairs.

Unbeknownst to many, removal of unwanted body hair isn’t a recent trend or beauty standard that has risen from body aesthetics and ideals set by today’s society and propagated by the media. As early as early human history – colloquially termed as the time of cavemen – there have been discoveries that they removed body hair not for vanity or cosmetic reasons but for safety. To decrease the chances of getting snagged into dangerous situations by their hair, these ancient people choose to remove this weakness. Ancient Egyptians, in fact, have been speculated to have scraped off their beards and head hair so their adversaries wouldn’t have anything to grab them by.

Many other ancient civilizations – from the Greeks, Middle Eastern, Romans, and such – also have a “shaving culture”. There were certain societal images that were associated with the presence of hair on one’s self, such as powerful and “civilized” people having no hair aside from what was needed (head or eyebrows, or both) and people of lower classes having “scruffy faces” and untrimmed/unshaven bodies. Body hair has been associated with class with many ancient cultures.

Nowadays, there are a lot of reasons why people choose to have their body hair removes. The most obvious and prevalent reason is cosmetic reasons. Many people feel the need to maintain a perfectly-clean and shaven body image for societal or aesthetic norms. While many believe this to be a simple case of vanity that has been cultivated by media, it can also be due to the ingrained connotations of the presence of bodily hair as seen with older cultures.

Some men choose to have their body hair – specifically their beard – removed for a lot of reasons: an inability to grow a “full” beard which results to a very awkward look, their beard hair color being different from their scalp hair color, or the hair growth is untamable which results in an ungroomed look.

Comfort is also seen as a major factor behind the choice of removing unwanted hair. Having unshaven or unremoved hair in various places can feel weird and can feel “unhygienic”. Hair strands may be coarse, causing itchiness and irritation – not to mention that many would prefer avoiding pubic lice by depriving them of a home altogether.

Athletes are widely known for regularly removing body hair as well. Studies have shown that performance is enhanced when there is no presence of body hair, especially with swimmers and cyclists. Cyclists also aim to avoid the chances of infecting wounds gotten from road crashes as there is nowhere that grit and other foreign substances can hang on to while the wounds heal.

Some of the most common methods of hair removal include shaving, waxing, depilatories, and electrolysis. Technology has continuously looked for ways to make this agenda more permanent and less expensive, time-consuming, and painful.

Among the wide variety of methods available, there is one that stands out due to its promised benefits to customers: light-based hair reduction in the form of Laser or IPL hair removal. In this infographic, we explore the pros and cons of this method and if it’s the right method for you.

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