Various Intolerances that Cause Inflammation and Belly Weight!

Dealing with a flat belly is probably one of the hardest stages of your weight loss process. You can build your muscles, improve your stamina and slim down significantly, but you’ll still have a problem with that stubborn fat around your waist. And if you’re constantly feeling bloated as well, get ready for a world of pain as you’ll both look and feel worse than you’d like to.

However, while solving this issue can take a lot of time, it can still be done as long as you know the causes. Here are some of the most common reasons that cause inflammation and how you too can deal with it.

Lactose intolerance

A glass of warm milk before bed was the most enjoyable parts of everyone’s childhood, but it might not be such a good idea when you’re a grown-up. Although they’re not aware of it, a number of people are actually lactose intolerant, which is why they feel bloated every time they consume milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. If you’re gassy and feel stomach ache after consuming these items, get tested and see if you suffer from one of three types of lactose intolerance – primary, secondary and congenital/developmental – and switch to dairy-free products instead.

Food intolerance

Unfortunately, milk isn’t the only thing you should avoid if you’re constantly bloated. Some of the other items that might be causing inflammation are trans fats, sugar, corn, red meat and alcohol, so you should avoid them at all costs. Moreover, some of these also negatively affect your weight and make it extra hard to lose a few pounds, so talk to your dietician and come up with a menu that will keep all of these items out of your system.

Eating speed intolerance

Sometimes, no matter how healthy and easy-to-digest your meals are, you still feel bloated afterwards and can’t seem to understand the cause of it. And then you start questioning your food choices and wondering what you did wrong, ultimately blaming your dietician for not recommending a proper menu. However, have you ever paid attention to how fast you’re eating?

Although most people don’t even realize this because they’re always in a hurry and have to get their meals over with as soon as possible, this is one of the most common reasons for inflammation. Eating in a rush and swallowing big chunks of food makes your stomach bloated, so take it easy and put your fork down for a second every once in a while.

Digestive system intolerance

Taking care of our digestive system isn’t always everyone’s top priority, but it should be. Making sure your bowels and colon are working properly is never easy to accomplish, unless you have adequate medicine and avoid foods that disrupt bowel movement. So, if you want to keep your digestive system in order, skip items rich in fat, fiber and caffeine, as well as the aforementioned dairy products.

Moreover, try looking into trustworthy supplements and probiotics that will help you digest your food optimally and preserve the health of your digestive tract. Some of these products, like the reliable line from Biocare, will surely help you in no time – you’ll feel better and calmer, your large intestine will continue functioning perfectly and you’ll feel less bloated than ever.

Straw intolerance

This is another thing everyone does and a huge cause of inflammation as well. Drinking through a straw is a fast way to consume your liquids, but it also makes you full of air and, consequently, gassy. How much and how fast you drink is quite irrelevant in the long run, but you’ll have lots of problems as long as you’re sipping your juices and smoothies predominantly through a straw. Drinking this way is also bad for your teeth and it makes you wrinkly too, so stop doing it if you want to avoid further troubles.

Other causes of inflammation

Some of the other common causes of inflammation are foods packed with gluten, raw food, stress, insufficient amount of water in your system and lack of sleep. So, if you want to solve that problem once and for all, drink more water, get more sleep, cook and boil your food, avoid dairy products and stick with foods that are guaranteed to reduce your belly fat.

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