What You Need to Know About Botox (Infographic)

For people who lament the development of wrinkles and lines on their face, Botox treatment is a highly popular choice. This form of facial rejuvenation surgery has grown immensely in its usage during the 21st century, increasing by almost 750% since 2000. It isn’t just middle-aged females who are going for the treatment, either; a growing number of males and even teenagers are availing of Botox surgery.

Botox involves the injection of a needle into specific facial muscles so as to cause wrinkles to relax and soften. It might take the best part of a week for the effects to become noticeable, but once apparent they will remain for four to six months before another touch-up is necessitated. While it is widely known to improve facial appearance, Botox can also help with healing conditions such as cervical dystonia, muscle contractures, hyperhidrosis and bladder dysfunction.

This infographic gives a great and simplified overview of the Botox procedure. If you’re thinking of getting the surgery, this is well worth a look for getting a good understanding of the actual surgery and also to pick up some vital nuggets of advice for before and after the surgery.


Infographic credit to: dervlaleavydentalcare.com

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