Why Is It So Hard to Lose Weight? (Infographic)

Contrary to popular belief, diet and exercise are not the only two factors that determine your success in losing weight. In fact, there are five other critical factors that can make or break your weight loss journey: Stress, Diet, Sleep, Trauma and Body Image Issues.

Many people are looking for fast solutions when it comes to weight loss. They try things like two-week crash diets, juice cleanses, and eliminating entire (but vital) food groups from their diets. They may see short-term results, but those lost pounds are not sustainable. What they fail to realize is that losing weight, and successfully keeping it off, is a process that not only requires commitment and dedication, it also demands addressing lifestyle issues that dramatically impact your weight.

This is why health experts advocate for a change in perspective. Instead of making it your goal to ‘lose weight’, you should change your mindset and aim to ‘achieve healthy body weight’.

With this shift, you will be focusing on all the factors and aspects related to reaching and maintaining your desired (and healthy) body weight. This means that an overall lifestyle change is a must in order to achieve your goals.

This infographic let’s you know and understand how these underlying factors can undermine achieving your target weight and motivates you to take an active approach in dealing with them.


Infographic credit to: vigoroom.com

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